Griffin – Newborn

Thought I would blog some images from my first newborn of 2017!

Meet Mr. Griffin – 15 days young. This little man slept through his session like a champ. Even smiling and GIGGLING in his sleep! He was SO good for me. And he was rocking some amazing hair too.

I can only hope all my babies this year will be so calm and happy!

Newborn Portraits take a while, they are warm, and you gotta’ have patience…but they are entirely worth it in the end. Smells, sounds, how tiny they are curled up in your arms…all of it changes in the blink of an eye.

So document it if you can. ❤

Hippie Inspired Shoot with Cindy

Finally blogging this fun model shoot with Cindy from this summer! I feel awful it has taken so long for me to get around to finishing it… But, I mean… she is amazing!  It was so fun to work with someone who just owns it and does her thing and lets you do your thing. I hope she lets me do another session soon because this session is EVERYTHING.

Freaking LOVE it and LOVE her! Thank you so much Cindy! You are just way to perfect ❤